Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry – Glastonbury CT

The Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry, located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, is an intriguing attraction that continues to serve as a functioning piece of transport infrastructure. Paired with immense scenic beauty, this ferry service offers an exciting glimpse into the maritime side of everyday life in this charming town.

Interestingly, the Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry is one of the oldest continuously operating ferry services within the United States. While it has seen modifications over the years, including upgrades to the vessels used, the ferry continues to provide a vital link between Glastonbury and Rocky Hill, and it stands as a popular choice for both locals and tourists alike.

The ferry operates on the Connecticut River and is managed by the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The service provides a quick and efficient transport option for those wanting to cross the river without having to drive around it. With a capacity to transport about 48 passengers and three to four vehicles, the ease of access and convenience offered by this ferry service is commendable.

The ferry offers an idyllic boat ride that packs in enriching views of the Connecticut River and serves as a quiet, calming escape from the hustle-bustle of city life. The river, rich with flora and fauna, teems with life and one can catch sight of birds and occasionally, riverine wildlife. A trip on the ferry is an opportunity to experience not just a touch of excitement and novelty but also an interaction with nature’s beauty.

The ferry’s schedule varies depending on the weather and the season, with service typically available between May and October. Well-maintained docking facilities on both sides ensure smooth boarding and exiting, while trained staff ensure safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Whether one is using it for its conventional purpose as a transportation facility or simply seeking a soothing recreational escape, the Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry in Glastonbury, Connecticut, adds a unique and historic element to the local culture and character.

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The Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry in Glastonbury, Connecticut holds a significant place in American history as the nation’s longest continually operating ferry service. Its inception dates back to 1655, making it over 365 years old and predating the founding of the United States itself.

This historic ferry service provided a crucial link for trade, communication, and travel across the Connecticut River, a vital artery in the early colonisation and development of the New England area. Initially a private enterprise, it was granted the license to operate by the General Court of the Connecticut Colony, it later transitioned to being run by the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

The early days of the ferry saw it powered by horses on a treadmill, replaced eventually by steam power in the 19th century. Today, the ferry is motor-powered and includes the vessel “Hollister III” and the barge “Glastonbury,” that can transport up to three cars and 49 passengers at a time.

In its enduring service time, the ferry played a critical role during the American Revolution as a strategic crossing for General George Washington and his troops. Today, the Glastonbury-Rocky Hill ferry remains a link to the country’s colonial past, offering not just a means of transport but a unique, scenic and historic journey.

In an era of speedy transportation and fast-paced lifestyle, the Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry stands as a testament to the nation’s rich past, offering a serene and nostalgic trip that predates the country’s birth. Its continued operation marks a living piece of history, highlighting Connecticut’s vital role in the nation’s early days.