Historical Society of Glastonbury – Glastonbury CT

The Historical Society of Glastonbury is a prestigious organization committed to preserving and promoting Glastonbury’s illustrious past. Set in Glastonbury, CT, the society serves as the steward of the town’s rich heritage, providing a platform for learning and memory-sharing of its historical narratives.

A nonprofit organization, the Historical Society of Glastonbury manages several historic properties. This includes the Museum on the Green, which houses a plethora of artifacts and exhibits, offering a window into the town’s unique past. The Museum’s collection is vast, including items of historical significance from Glastonbury and the surrounding areas. The exhibits range from local history and culture, industry, and notable personalities who have impacted the town’s trajectory.

Equally impressive is the Welles-Chapman Tavern, a beautifully preserved 18th-century building showcasing domestic life during this period. The society hosts a range of tours, lectures, programs and events here, each designed to imbibe visitors with a deeper appreciation of Glastonbury’s storied history.

The Historic Society of Glastonbury also committed to educating younger generations through their school programs about Glastonbury’s past, engaging children in hands-on learning experiences that go beyond a typical classroom setting.

By keeping the thread of history alive and weaving it into the present, the Historical Society of Glastonbury makes an immense contribution to the community. It has empowered residents and visitors alike to engage with the past in a meaningful way.

Volunteer efforts play a significant role in the society. Registered volunteers work passionately to catalogue, preserve, and exhibit collected artifacts. They assist in conducting guided tours, organize events, and help manage the different properties maintained by the society.

In summary, the Historical Society of Glastonbury is a true representative of Glastonbury’s heritage, serving not just as a preserver of the town’s history, but as an institution that actively brings that history to life. The society continues to be a hub of historical research, education, and celebration, ensuring the longevity and relevance of Glastonbury’s deep historical roots.

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The Historical Society of Glastonbury, situated in Glastonbury CT, is commit to preserving and promoting the area’s rich history. Founded in the year 1936, the society started as a small group of local historians and antiquarians who believed that the town’s history, dating back to the 16th century, needed to be preserved for future generations.

The society’s collection initially began with only a handful of donated artifacts and historical documents. However, over the years, the society gathered a significant assortment of local artifacts, documents, and photographs. Gradually, these collections were collated into a prominent museum accessible to the public.

Initially housed in a small room in the Glastonbury town hall, the society moved its collection to the Welles-Chapman Tavern in 1954. As the collections of the society continued to grow exponentially, additional buildings were added to the society to provide supplementary storage. The society currently has over five historically significant buildings under its aegis.

The Historical Society of Glastonbury has conducted numerous educational programs promoting the local history, including lectures, performances, workshops, and historically themed tours. These initiatives continue to enlighten the community about the rich history of Glastonbury.

The society’s mission of preserving the town’s history is still upheld by a dedicated team of historians and volunteers. Today, through its vast collections and educational activities, the Historical Society of Glastonbury stands as a living testament to the town’s robust past, catering to the needs of the community by providing a direct link to its historical roots.